Bottles of hard cider from Tennessee Cider Company.

4 Reasons to Take Home a Bottle From Tennessee Cider Company

Don’t leave Tennessee Cider Company empty handed! If you’re anything like the majority of our guests, you’ll probably leave our Smoky Mountain cideries with a bottle or two in hand! Whether you plan to enjoy it while soaking up unparalleled views of the Smokies or back home with some of your favorite friends, our ciders come in clutch for every occasion. Here are 4 reasons to take home a bottle from Tennessee Cider Company:

1. They’re One of a Kind

It’s time you experience the original cider of the Smoky Mountains! As the first cidery to be established in Gatlinburg, nobody knows authentic Smoky Mountain hard cider better than Tennessee Cider Company. Full of memorable flavors that evoke the spirit of the Smokies, all of our ciders are made right here in these mountains with great care, love and attention to detail. We even offer plenty of unique ciders unlike anything you’ve ever tried before! Not sure which one of our delicious ciders to try? We’re proud to offer complimentary tastings daily so you can sample multiple of these flavors until you find the perfect one!

A bottle of Ciderita hard cider from Tennessee Cider Co.

2. Share With Friends & Family

Share the joy of something new with your friends and family back home! Whether you have a special event planned or just want to share one night with the girls, your friends will be just as impressed as you are with Tennessee Cider Company! Spend your get-together sharing stories from your adventures in the Smokies as you bond over a delicious glass of cider. They’ll be left wondering how it’s possible to craft flavors as spot on as those like Cider Donut, Apple Pie and Peach Mimosa.

3. Pair Perfectly With Views

If there’s one thing you need to elevate the experience of seeing the beauty of the Smokies, it’s a cider in hand! Return home to your cabin and head out to the porch with a couple of glasses, admiring sunset views of the stunning Smokies. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation of a hot tub with something sweet to sip on and spectacular views to match. Perhaps even plan to visit a picnic area in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where you can share a meal, a bottle and all the special sights and sounds that surround you in nature.

View of the Smoky Mountains from the porch of a cabin.

4. Reminder of Memories Made

One of the best parts of any visit to the Smoky Mountains is all the unforgettable memories that are made! Our Smoky Mountain ciders are the perfect reminder of all the fun you and your family experienced in the area. Once you’re back home and decide to pop open a bottle from Tennessee Cider Company, those memories will come flooding back to you! What better way to remember the Smokies and all of its blessings than with a bottle of authentic homegrown flavor?

There are so many great reasons to take home a bottle from Tennessee Cider Company! Want access to these delicious ciders even when you aren’t in town? Consider joining The Club! Our wine and cider club ships you our delicious ciders every quarter and offers a number of benefits for members!

March 21, 2024

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