Cider Donut hard cider by Tennessee Cider Company.

7 of the Most Unique Ciders From Tennessee Cider Company

When you think about delicious hard cider, the first fruit to come to mind is probably apple. Fresh local apples are the secret behind the ciders from Tennessee Cider Company! Yet that’s just the start of all the delicious ciders we produce right here in the Smoky Mountains! Experience something different the next time you visit by trying some one-of-a-kind ciders unlike anything you’ve tasted before. These are 7 of the most unique ciders from Tennessee Cider Company:

1. Hard Coffee

Real brewed coffee is infused into our Hard Coffee! This eye-opening cider uses 100% Arabica coffee roasted by The Golden Roast in nearby Knoxville. Crockett Hard Coffee combines the semi-sweet blend of hard apple cider and the undeniable flavor of a strong cold brew coffee to create a distinct taste you’ve never before experienced.

Tennessee Cider Co. Coffee Cider bottle.

2. Cider Donut

A hard cider you DONUT want to miss! Cider Donut mimics the cozy comfort of real cinnamon sugar donuts with a balanced blend of real cinnamon and the perfect pinch of sugar. One sip of Cider Donut and you’re going to have a new go-to cider from Tennessee Cider Company.

Tennessee Cider Co. Cider Donut Cider bottle.

3. Hibiscus

Summertime has never been finer with our Hibiscus hard cider! Similar in flavor to a moscato, this cider offers flowery flavors and a refreshing finish perfect to enjoy on a summer day. This cider isn’t overly sweet or tart and goes down smooth each time with an all-day drinkability.

Tennessee Cider Co. Hibiscus Cider bottle.

4. Watermelon Mojito

A flavor combination for the ages makes Watermelon Mojito a must-try! Merging the refreshing sweet and fruity flavors of watermelon with the fizzy mint lime touch of mojito, Watermelon Mojito is another cider perfect to sip on during summer. Enjoy it at your next cookout or when relaxing by the pool!

Tennessee Cider Co. Watermelon Mojito Cider bottle.

5. Ciderita

What’s the only thing better than a margarita? Ciderita! A perfectly paired combination of crisp hard cider and magnificent margarita, Ciderita has a light and zesty taste that will have you daydreaming of crystal clear ocean waters and golden sand. A tangy touch of lime tantalizes the tongue while a subtly sweet apple flavor balances things out.

Tennessee Cider Co. Ciderita Cider bottle.

6. Peanut Butter

Why did the peanut get a job at Tennessee Cider Company? Because he wanted to share a nutty experience with everyone! Experience the power of peanuts in one of our most unique hard ciders! Peanut Butter features the familiar flavor of smooth and creamy peanut butter on top of a smooth apple cider base. This cider contains no allergens so it’s completely safe for those with peanut allergies.

Tennessee Cider Co. Peanut Butter Cider bottle.

7. Honey Mango Mead

While not technically a cider, Honey Mango Mead is one of our most unique offerings and beloved by guests! Crafted with the rich flavor of Greenbrier honey and the refreshing taste of mango, Honey Mango Mead offers drinkers a sweet and fruity tasting experience. The fresh honey used in this beverage comes harvested from Greenbrier Bee Company along the banks of the Little Pigeon River!

Tennessee Cider Co. Honey Mango Mead bottle.

We hope you’ll join us to savor these unique ciders at one of our locations in Gatlinburg and Sevierville! Before you get to sipping, discover some fun facts about Tennessee Cider Company!

December 29, 2023

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