The Club home deliveries by Tennessee Cider Company.

4 Benefits of Joining The Club at Tennessee Cider Company

Did you know you can enjoy that same authentic taste of the Smoky Mountains you’ve come to love from Tennessee Cider Company at home whenever you’d like? Whether you’re one of our local friends or you live hundreds of miles away, we’ll ship our delicious hard ciders to your residence when you join The Club! Our cider and wine club allows you to share your affinity for the original cider of the Smoky Mountains with your friends and family back home. Here are 4 benefits of joining The Club at Tennessee Cider Company:

1. Quarterly Shipments to Your Door

Let’s face it – you probably aren’t able to visit Tennessee Cider Company as often as you’d like. When you become a member of The Club, that’s no problem! We’ll send shipments of our tasty hard ciders straight to your doorstep on 4 different occasions throughout the year (February, May, August & November) so you can savor these comforting, one-of-a-kind flavors whenever you want. We ship to the majority of states, including those as far away as the West Coast, so you can have your favorite ciders on hand at all times.

The Club delivery right to your door by Tennessee Cider Company.

2. Choose or Let Us Pick For You

Do you have a favorite cider from Tennessee Cider Company? If not, you will soon! When you join The Club, you’ll be able to request which ciders you want shipped to your place! Pick a few of your favorites or give something new a try. If you’re unsure of which ciders you’d like, we’re happy to pick them for you. With an ever-growing list of locally made hard cider flavors, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Don’t forget to take part in a complimentary tasting when you visit us in Gatlinburg or Sevierville to discover that perfectly crafted cider for your palate.

3. Includes Wines in Addition to Ciders

Hard ciders are just half of the tongue tantalizing tastes you can enjoy when you become a club member. You’ll also receive access to the best sweet southern wines in the Smoky Mountains from our sister company, Tennessee Homemade Wines! Perfect for couples or families with different preferences, you can choose to receive both ciders and wines in each shipment to your door. Be the first to learn about and try new creations as a member of our cider and wine club!

Wine selections from Tennessee Homemade Wines.

4. Different Levels For Your Needs

One of the biggest benefits of The Club is we offer a variety of different package levels to best suit your cider and wine needs! Each offers its own discount that can be applied to purchases both online and in person at Tennessee Cider Company and Tennessee Homemade Wines. Choose from these packages:

Bronze - Two bottles per shipment. 10% discount. Starting at $35.98.

Silver - Four bottles per shipment. 15% discount. Starting at $67.96. Shipping included.

Gold - Six bottles per shipment. 20% discount. Starting at $95.94. Shipping included.

Platinum - Twelve bottles per shipment. 25% discount. Starting at $179.88. Shipping included.

Are you ready to reap these benefits as a member of The Club at Tennessee Cider Company? If you’ve never visited us before, learn about some of the most unique ciders we offer to get an idea of what’s in store for you!

February 28, 2024

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