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Join The Club: 5 Reasons to Join the Tennessee Cider Company Club

Boy, do we have some good news for you! Those delicious hard ciders you’ve come to love from Tennessee Cider Company can be shipped straight to your front door! There’s no better way to routinely receive discounted hard ciders than by joining our Cider Club. Our Wine and Cider club is a must for folks who want a taste of the Smoky Mountains year-round. Here are 5 reasons to join the Tennessee Cider Company Club:

1. Enjoy it All Year

The Tennessee Cider Company Club allows our biggest supporters to receive ciders all year, even if you can’t make it out to see us in person in the Smoky Mountains! Members receive shipments 4 times a year – in February, May, August and November – right to their home so you never have to leave town. Cider flavors like Chocolate Cherry are perfect to enjoy in the winter while our Lemonade Hard Cider is perfect for a hot summer day!

2. Packages Perfect for Your Needs

No matter your needs, we’re sure to have the perfect club package for you and your family! We offer 4 different packages so you can determine which one best fits your budget. Here are our packages:

  • Bronze - Two bottles per shipment. 10% discount. Starting at $35.98.
  • Silver - Four bottles per shipment. 15% discount. Starting at $67.96. Shipping included.
  • Gold - Six bottles per shipment. 20% discount. Starting at $95.94. Shipping included.
  • Platinum - Twelve bottles per shipment. 25% discount. Starting at $179.88. Shipping included.
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3. Try Extensive Selection of Flavors

Our Cider Club is the best way to explore all the hard cider flavors we offer! We have more than 20 different hard ciders for you to try, including unique flavors like Hibiscus, Citrus Mash and Honey Mango Mead! You can either choose which ciders you’d like delivered each shipment or allow our Smoky Mountain cider experts to pick them for you. If you find a new and interesting flavor, make sure to ask for it in your next delivery! You can’t go wrong with any selections from Tennessee Cider Company, so why not try them all?

4. Discounts In-Store & Online

Save is the best four-letter word we know! Our Cider Club is the best way to save on the finest Smoky Mountain drinks around! The best part is the discount you receive as a member applies to both in-store and online purchases. When you’re in the Smoky Mountains, make sure to drop by 1 of our 2 locations to try our newest flavors and say hello to our always friendly and attentive staff! Even when you’re thousands of miles away, discounts apply when you shop for our hard ciders online!


5. Access to Wines, Too!

When you join our Cider Club, you’ll also be able to receive wines from our sister establishment, Tennessee Homemade Wines! You’ll receive access to an incredible selection of sweet Southern Smoky Mountain wines in addition to receiving hard ciders from Tennessee Cider Company! Browse from a selection of more than a dozen delicious wines, plus an Experimental Series, which includes a unique selection of wines.

Now that you know what makes our Cider Club from Tennessee Cider Company special, it’s time to join! Become a member of our Cider Club and fall in love with delicious Smoky Mountain ciders and wines!

February 6, 2023

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