Pineapple Hard CiderPineapple Hard Cider by Tennessee Cider Company
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Pineapple Hard Cider

A tropical hard cider with a light and refreshing flavor. Perfect for relaxing on the back porch. Let this light, refreshing flavor take you back to you childhood as it tastes just like pineapple gummy bears. Throw in some coconut rum & you have yourself a pina colada cider. Perfect for summertime sipping.
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A summertime favorite that brings tropical island flavor to the smoky mountains. Pineapple brings a light and juicy taste that doesn't sell you short on flavor, while also not overpowering your tastebuds. Perfect on ice or straight out of the bottle, Pineapple also makes a wonderful mixer with anything from coconut rum to slushees.

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Pineapple Hard Cider by Tennessee Cider CompanyPineapple Hard Cider by Tennessee Cider Company