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6 Smoky Mountain Ciders Perfect for Your Tennessee Tailgate

The sounds of Rocky Top reverberate throughout the hills of Knoxville. Anticipation builds as kickoff in Neyland Stadium draws closer. You gather with friends and family in celebration of gameday, enjoying fellowship, good food and some cold drinks at your Tennessee tailgate. Add a taste of the Smoky Mountains to your next gameday experience with one-of-a-kind hard ciders from Tennessee Cider Company! Here are 6 Smoky Mountain ciders perfect for your Tennessee tailgate:

1. Peach

Peach Cider

Sweet and fruity flavors combine to tantalize the tongue in our Peach cider! The soothing flavors of perfectly ripened peach scream southern hospitality and charm with each sip, making it a great choice for your Tennessee tailgate. This Smoky Mountain cider starts light and subtle before peach flavors intensify and finish smooth. Everything is just peachy when you enjoy Peach cider on gameday!

2. Hard Tea

Hard Tea

Sweet tea with a kick! Our Hard Tea is the smoothest spiked tea you’ll ever find. This adult tea will be a hit among all your tailgating buddies, particularly the ones who love sweet tea. Serve this orange pekoe tea chilled for the ultimate tasting experience on gameday. There’s just something relaxing and comforting about Hard Tea — similar to the experience of sipping on homemade sweet tea as you sit in a rocking chair on your porch back home! 

3. Citrus Mash

Citrus Mash

Add some big orange flavor to your Tennessee tailgate! Blood oranges, lemons and limes converge in one tangy citrus cider featuring a refreshing finish in our Citrus Mash. You can hold onto summer a bit longer during football season as the cool twist of citrus evokes your favorite summer memories. You’ll appreciate a taste that hits you differently with each sip thanks to this unique medley of citrus fruits. Sweet, light and unique, there’s plenty to love about Citrus Mash.

4. Lemonade

Lemonade Cider

The zest is yet to come when you bring our Lemonade cider to your Tennessee tailgate! Sweet yet tart and full of flavor, this Smoky Mountain cider has everything you want from a gameday beverage. This lovely lemon twist to a traditional apple cider is sure to keep you refreshed, especially for those early season games in the heat. After just one mouthful of Lemonade cider, you’ll have a new main squeeze for tailgating season! 

5. Blackberry

Blackberry Cider

Ripe and tart, our Blackberry hard cider provides plenty of flavor for your tailgate outside of Neyland Stadium! This blend of locally sourced blackberries brings an authentic Smoky Mountain taste to gameday. It starts out slightly sweet before finishing crisp and tart, like any good east Tennessee blackberry should. 

6. Blueberry

Blueberry Cider

If blackberries aren’t your thing, perhaps blueberries are. Our Blueberry cider is made from the finest fresh mountain berries to supply a taste that’s both sweet and tart! This farm-to-glass beverage rejuvenates the spirit with a flavor you can’t get enough of. Pass it around your Tennessee tailgate and see faces light up with joy!

These beverages from our Smoky Mountain cidery are sure to be a big hit among friends and family at your Tennessee Tailgate! We hope you’ll bring along some of these tasty ciders from Gatlinburg’s first cidery. Learn more about what makes Tennessee Cider Company a go-to for travelers and locals alike!

October 31, 2023

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