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4 Things to Know About Tennessee Cider Company in Gatlinburg

The original hard cider of the Smoky Mountains can be found here at Tennessee Cider Company! Founded in beautiful Gatlinburg, we serve up delicious hard ciders full of flavor that keep folks coming back for more. You won’t believe some of these flavor combinations packed into our tasty ciders! Before you drop by, here are 4 things to know about Tennessee Cider Company:

Blueberry Cider at Tennessee Cider Company in Gatlinburg Tennessee

1. A Great Selection of Hard Ciders

You’ll be blown away by our great selection of hard ciders at Tennessee Cider Company! Crafted and served by local folks, these great hard ciders taste just like the Smoky Mountains! With so many great options, it can be hard to choose! Flavors include options like Red Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon and many more! You can just taste the Southern hospitality and mountain spirit in each sip. Moonshine might knock ya over, but these hard ciders will keep you having fun all night long! 

Free Tasting at Tennessee Cider Company

2. Free Sips All Day, Every Day

The good news about having so many great choices of hard ciders to try is we offer free tastings, all day, every day at Tennessee Cider Company! We’re proud to offer free samples of these delicious hard ciders! Each visitor can try out 3 hard ciders on tap! Or, you can enjoy the VIP Tasting experience for just $5! It allows customers to taste all of our hard ciders, as well as our Honey Mango Mead, our Blackberry Dessert Wine, our slush mixes and mulled hard cider! Tastings are available at both our Gatlinburg (on the Strip) and Sevierville (in Tanger Outlet Mall) locations.

3. More Than Just Ciders

Make sure to check out our merchandise and other items before heading home! Grab our mulling spices and mix with your favorite hard cider and simmer for a tasty Mulled Cider! Our Cider Mulling Spice Bundle includes 2 bottles of Golden Apple Hard Cider, 2 bottles of Red Apple Hard Cider and 4 packages of mulling spices! Folks also love our slush mixes, especially in the warmer months! Simply combine our hard ciders or wine with a special flavor of slush mix, add water, throw in the freezer and then enjoy a delicious frozen treat with a kick later! We offer a great selection of t-shirts, hats, hoodies and more available for purchase either online or in person! If you love Tennessee Cider Company, we’d love for you to show it off to the world to help support us! 

Tennessee Homemade Wines and Tennessee Cider Company Bottles Together

4. Our Sister Company is Tennessee Homemade Wines

Do you love wine as much as you love hard cider?! Then you have to check out our sister company, Tennessee Homemade Wines! You’ll find a great selection of more than a dozen sweet Southern wines, plus the Experimental Series, an awesome lineup of flavors that includes some seasonal options throughout the year! Tennessee Homemade Wines also has locations in both Gatlinburg and Sevierville! You can stop by the Gatlinburg location before or after visiting us, or enjoy both in our shared Sevierville location! The Wine Club is perfect for folks who want great wines shipped to their doorstep for a discount at four different times throughout the year!

There are plenty of great reasons to visit Tennessee Cider Company! We’re happy to help you learn about everything you need to know about our delicious hard ciders! Before stopping by, we suggest checking out all the great flavors of ciders we offer!

June 19, 2023

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