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6 Ciders to Enjoy This Winter at Tennessee Cider Company

Great hard ciders are available right here in the Smoky Mountains! Come on down and see us at Tennessee Cider Company, where we specialize in locally made hard ciders! Crafted and served by local folks, these ciders hold flavors that will keep you coming back for more! Make sure to check out our locations in Gatlinburg and Sevierville, where we offer free samples! Here are 6 ciders to enjoy this winter at Tennessee Cider Company:

Choco Cherry Cider

1. Chocolate Cherry

Our Chocolate Cherry Hard Cider is perfect as an after-dinner treat! Made with sweet black cherries and just a hint of chocolate, this hard cider will warm you up on the coldest of days! This cider has become a fan favorite of guests at Tennessee Cider Company! From start to finish, this drink retains its smoothness as delicious cherry notes combine with that special finish of milk chocolate! It’s like drinking a chocolate dipped cherry straight from a glass!

Cider Donut Hard Cider

2. Cider Donut

A warm donut is an excellent winter treat! That’s what makes our Cider Donut Hard Cider so special! Real cinnamon and the finest ingredients are used to make this delicious drink from Tennessee Cider Company. It tastes just like a fresh cinnamon donut straight from your favorite family owned bakery! This concoction is sure to become your new guilty pleasure in bottle form! The perfectly balanced combination of cinnamon and sugar has folks coming back for sip after sip of this sweet stuff!

3. Golden Apple

It’s grown-up apple juice! Golden Apple Hard Cider is our most traditional top-selling hard cider! Made from the finest local apples, this hard cider is like biting into a freshly picked apple with a kick! You’ll enjoy a light and refreshing flavor that is both crisp and tart. The drinkability of this hard cider makes it perfect for any occasion. We suggest pouring up some glasses for the holidays!

4. Caramel Apple

This awesome selection brings together great tastes in both caramel and apple! Both flavors that go great in the wintertime! Our Caramel Apple Hard Cider combines that sweet, crisp apple taste with caramel flavors in a drink that reminds you of those caramel apple suckers you craved as a child! The hand churned caramel and crisp apple flavors take you back to your days growing up and enjoying a candy apple at the fair! 

Peanut Butter Hard Cider

5. Peanut Butter

Our Peanut Butter Hard Cider has a smooth and creamy peanut butter flavor that perfectly pairs with our apple cider base! The peanut butter used has NO allergens! This drink is like grabbing a freshly picked apple, cutting it up and dipping it in freshly churned peanut butter! Sip it on the side of some warm baked apples for a tasty flavor combination. You don’t want to miss this great snack in a glass!

6. Mulled Cider

You have to try our delicious mulled cider for the holidays! Purchase a packet of mulling spices, add your favorite hard cider from Tennessee Cider Company and simmer for tasty mulled cider! Those familiar mulled cider smells fill your house just in time for the holiday season! Our Cider Mulling Spice Bundle includes 2 bottles of Golden Apple Hard Cider, 2 bottles of Red Apple Hard Cider and 4 packages of mulling spices!

You’ll love trying these great Tennessee Cider Company flavors this winter! But, wait! There’s more! Check out all of our tasty hard ciders!

June 19, 2023

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