Free tastings at Tennessee Cider Company in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

4 Fun Facts About Tennessee Cider Company in Gatlinburg

Why do Smoky Mountain locals and visitors peg Tennessee Cider Company as a must-visit destination? They have in-cider information! If you’ve never visited Tennessee Cider Company in Gatlinburg before, we’d love to share what we’re all about. Here at Tennessee Cider Company, we specialize in producing deliciously crisp hard ciders that offer that coziness and comfort only found in the Smoky Mountains! Here are 4 fun facts about Tennessee Cider Company in Gatlinburg:

Local Hard Ciders

1. Ciders Crafted Locally With Great Care

When you sip on a cider from Tennessee Cider Company you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying an authentic taste of the Smoky Mountains! Our hard ciders are produced by local fermenters and distillers who hold a unique knowledge of the cider making process and the ingredients squeezed into each bottle. Crafted in small batches, these ciders are bursting with fresh flavors for all palate preferences. Our vast selection of hard ciders includes choices like Green Apple, Coffee, Citrus Mash and many more.

2. From Our Store to Your Door

We understand that many folks can’t make it to the Smoky Mountains as often as they’d really like. So, we ship our wines straight to you so you can make sure you’re always stocked up on your favorites from Tennessee Cider Company! There’s no need to wait to restock on your yearly vacation to the Smokies when you join The Club. Instead, members of our wine and cider club receive shipments of these palate-pleasing beverages to their front door 4 times a year at a discounted price! 

More than hard ciders

3. Treats Beyond Just Cider

Our hard ciders are just the beginning of all the incredible treats we offer at Tennessee Cider Company! Mulling spices are a must come the holiday season and will have your home filled with festive aromas and plenty of love and cheer. Our slush mixes are the perfect refreshing treat to keep cool on a hot day in the Smokies. Combine one of our flavors of slush mixes with your favorite bottle from Tennessee Cider Company, add water, put it in the freezer and prepare to enjoy. Before you head home, make sure to check out our stylish Tennessee Cider Company apparel and merchandise!

4. The Ultimate Smoky Mountain Hangout

You’re much more than just a guest when you visit Tennessee Cider Company; you become a part of our Smoky Mountain family! We believe all you need for a good time is family, friends and a bottle from Tennessee Cider Company. Our friendly and attentive staff is always here to answer any questions you may have and offer up suggestions. We offer complimentary tastings each day of the week so you can try before you buy. It’s time to kick back with a beverage in hand as you enjoy fellowship with friends and family at Tennessee Cider Company! Our Gatlinburg location is conveniently located on the Gatlinburg Strip, so you’ll never run out of incredible things to explore and do in the downtown area after spending time with us. Hint: Our sister establishment Tennessee Homemade Wines is right next door to Tennessee Cider Company in Gatlinburg! 

You’re all caught up on these fun facts about Tennessee Cider Company in Gatlinburg! Still have questions about our Smoky Mountain cidery? We’re happy to answer some of your most asked questions about Tennessee Cider Company!

September 28, 2023

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