Tennessee Cider Company in downtown Gatlinburg in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

4 Benefits of Visiting Our Gatlinburg Cidery

Don’t get caught empty-handed on your getaway to the Smoky Mountains! With a refreshing hard cider in hand, you’ll be all set for a relaxing experience full of fun, laughter and good company! As the first Gatlinburg cidery ever established, Tennessee Cider Company has perfected the process of producing locally made hard ciders that reflect the simple way of life in the Smoky Mountains. Now it’s time you give them a try for yourself! Here are 4 benefits of visiting our Gatlinburg cidery: 

1. Tongue Tantalizing Tennessee Hard Cider

The smoothest sips in all of the Smoky Mountains are poured up here at Tennessee Cider Company! Freshly picked local fruits are used to craft hard ciders bubbling with delightful flavors. These ciders range from unique selections such as Cider Donut, Hibiscus and Peanut Butter to classics our guests have come to adore like Golden Apple, Strawberry and Lemonade. We offer complimentary tastings every day so you can sample a few until you find the one that excites your palate!

Tennesse Cider Co. in downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

2. Fellowship With Friends & Family

No trip to the Smoky Mountains is ever quite the same without good company! Whether you’re visiting with family, friends or any other group, our Gatlinburg cidery is the spot to be for a memorable and authentic Smoky Mountain experience. As you sip on strong drinks from Tennessee Cider Company, catch up with loved ones, recapping adventures and previewing what’s to come. Even meet some new friends when you pay us a visit!

3. Proximity to Amazing Attractions

Discover all the things that make the Smoky Mountains so special! Our Gatlinburg cidery is conveniently located on the Parkway, near a number of the area’s finest attractions, shops, restaurants and more. That means you’re just around the corner from all kinds of entertainment when you visit Tennessee Cider Company! Stroll the Strip with your loved ones, stopping along the way at one-of-a-kind spots as you soak up the Smoky Mountain weather. 

4. Wines Are Short Trip Down Strip

The production of alcoholic beverages has long been a tradition passed down through generations in the Smokies! Hard ciders are just the start of the many options available in the area. Our sister establishment, Tennessee Homemade Wines, serves locally made southern sweet wines just a short walk from our Gatlinburg cidery! Take the quick trek down the Strip to feast your taste buds on a collection of carefully crafted wines spilling over with authentic flavors. Take part in a complimentary tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines to try a handful of these wines before landing on what that leaves you in awe!

About Tennessee Cider Company

Tennessee Cider Company attracts visitors from all corners of the globe looking to experience some of the most unique wines created! Crafted by local experts and served by our local friends, there’s that perfect drink for everyone at our Gatlinburg cidery!

If you love cider, consider a membership to The Club! Our wine and cider club sends 4 shipments of these delicious drinks to your front door each year. We ship to the majority of states and offer different package plans depending on your needs.

You can’t go wrong spending some quality time at our Gatlinburg cidery! Explore our collection of hard ciders today to begin brainstorming what you’ll want to try!

January 18, 2024

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