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5 Must-Have Merchandise Finds From Tennessee Cider Company

Our hard ciders aren’t the only great thing you’ll love about Tennessee Cider Company! We offer a diverse selection of merchandise that allows you to show off your love and support for Tennessee Cider Company! These items make great gifts for friends and family or a souvenir to commemorate your experience with us. Make sure you grab some Tennessee Cider Company merchandise to take home along with your delicious wines the next time you visit. Here are 5 must-have merchandise finds from Tennessee Cider Company:

Slush Mix

1. Slush Mixes

You won’t find these kinds of slushies at your local gas station! Our slush mixes are a simple way to turn your hard cider into a partially frozen slushie drink perfect for those hot summer months when you want to cool off! We offer several different slush mix flavors including Peach, Lemonade, Grape, Pineapple, Watermelon, Strawberry and Blue Razz. Combine your favorite cider from Tennessee Cider Company with a slush mix packet, add water and freeze to make a refreshing adult slushie! The flavor combinations you can make will elevate your tasting experience to a whole new level!

2. T-Shirts

You love Tennessee Cider Company, so why not show it?! We sell a wide variety of Tennessee Cider Company t-shirts featuring a long list of unique designs! Purchase a t-shirt with a Tennessee Cider Company logo or even grab a shirt that matches the labels on our ciders. Did we mention you’re going to love just how soft they are in addition to the stylish looks?!

TN Cider T Shirts

3. Hats

Protect your head and face from the Smoky Mountain sun with a stylish hat from Tennessee Cider Company! Our hat selection includes many great choices with a little something for everyone’s particular style. Trucker hats, hats with logos, hats with badges, denim hats and even a hat featuring a Tennessee Cider Company classic leather patch are all available for purchase. These hats sure do come in handy when you spend a day exploring the Smoky Mountains!

4. Glasses & Tumblers

Well, you need something to pour your hard ciders into, right?! Tennessee Cider Company has you covered with numerous different options! Our Tennessee Cider Company limited edition red stemless glass features our logo and is perfect for drinking ciders or even wines from our sister establishment, Tennessee Homemade Wines! Grab a 32 ounce glass growler to fill up with your favorite cider. Our 20 ounce logo tumbler is the perfect choice to keep your drink cold throughout the day.

5. Hot Sauces

Could you use a little spice in your life? Add some incredible flavor and a kick of heat to your favorite dish with our hot sauces from Tennessee Bob’s! Tennessee Bob’s Hillbilly Hot Sauce is a tangy, medium hot sauce full of hickory-smoke flavors! Tennessee Bob’s Chipotle Sauce is made from poblanos (Anchos) and jalapenos (Chipotle) slowly roasted over oak coals and mesquite and hickory chips! You’ll notice flavors of malt vinegar, agave nectar and pineapple. Tennessee Bob’s Chimichurri Sauce is made from fresh basil, orange, lemon and lime with a little bit of a kick!

Make sure to check out some of these must-have merchandise finds from Tennessee Cider Company! Browse all of our ciders today to see which one you may want to turn into a slushie!

April 28, 2023

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