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6 Holiday Ciders to Keep Cozy as Temperatures Drop

The holidays are one of the best times of the year! Gathering with family is about more than just catching up. It’s often a period of reflection and thankfulness as we surround ourselves with the ones we love the most. Holiday ciders from Tennessee Cider Company make the perfect complement to your next celebratory holiday dinner! You’re sure to keep cozy as you share these heart-warming ciders with family and friends. Here are 6 holiday ciders to keep cozy as temperatures drop:

Spiced Apple

1. Spiced Apple

Festive spices are a staple of the fall season. Spiced Apple combines these festive spices with the sweet and crisp taste of apple to make for a rush of flavor that screams fall has arrived! A favorite among our holiday ciders, Spiced Apple is a must for the Thanksgiving dinner table, providing that extra boost of warmth as the temperatures drop and the leaves fall outside your window.

Apple Pie

2. Apple Pie

Apple pie is that comfort food you’ve long craved, particularly when it gets colder outside. Our Apple Pie cider was created to mimic that holiday staple popular among households of all shapes and sizes across the country! The flavors of fresh apples and savory pie crusts in this cider transport you to simpler times.


3. Cranberry

Do you always go for the cranberry sauce during your family’s holiday meals? Well, you’re going to love our Cranberry cider! Made from real cranberry juice, you’ll relish this perfectly balanced blend of sweet and tart tones. This cider will brighten your experience and become a new holiday favorite with its big berry flavor.

Pumpkin Pie

4. Pumpkin Pie

If you didn’t think fall could get any better, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you try our Pumpkin Pie cider! You won’t find a treat this sweet in any Halloween bucket! This cider begins with delicious pumpkin flavor before light spice and icing tones come together for the perfect finish to your tasting experience. This is a must-have among our holiday ciders!

Cider Donut

5. Cider Donut

Who doesn’t love donuts? Not just any donut, but cinnamon sugar coated donuts that put a smile on your face! Cider Donut is made with real cinnamon and the perfect amount of sugar to recreate a classic treat. This hard cider makes the perfect way to finish off Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with a taste that all of your family and friends can get behind!

Mulled Wine at Tennessee Homemade Wines

6. Mulled Cider

The familiar holiday aromas of mulled cider fill the air in your home, setting a tone full of love for a celebration with friends and family. Be sure to grab our Mulling Spices and your favorite bottle from Tennessee Cider Company to make your own mulled cider at home! Combine these all-natural mulling spices with one of our hard ciders, simmer and let the celebration begin. No holiday celebration is complete without mulled cider!

These holiday ciders make the perfect addition to your celebration or to enjoy on any given day during the fall and winter months. Tennessee Cider Company is proud to bring you ciders perfect for any time of the year. Explore all of our hard ciders to find your new favorite go-to drink!

November 14, 2023

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