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5 Ciders to Enjoy This Spring From Tennessee Cider Company

There’s no better experience than visiting the Smoky Mountains in the spring! You may already have plans picked out for your trip or you could still be deciding what all to do. Either way, make sure visiting Tennessee Cider Company is on your list of fun things to do! You’re going to want some tasty adult beverages that you can take back to your cabin or hotel to unwind after a long day navigating the Smokies. Here are 5 ciders to enjoy this spring from Tennessee Cider Company:

1. Chocolate Cherry

Two worlds full of familiar flavor combine to make our Chocolate Cherry Hard Cider! Made with sweet black cherries and a touch of delectable chocolate, this flavor is sure to be a nice change of pace from the typical, boring hard ciders out there! Imagine you made yourself a big glass of chocolate milk and threw some fresh cherries in it; that’s what you’re getting in our Chocolate Cherry Hard Cider! Smooth from start to finish, this incredible hard cider will leave you wanting to take some home.

Choco Cherry

2. Golden Apple

It’s only right that you try one of our most popular hard ciders when you visit the Smoky Mountains this spring! Our Golden Apple Hard Cider combines an incredible blend of fresh golden apples with all-day drinkability, making it the perfect choice for any occasion! Made from the finest local apples around, this hard cider features a refreshing taste that’s both crisp and tart! This wonderful hard cider is essentially adult apple juice in a bottle!

Golden Apple

3. Honey Mango Mead

Unique is the best way to describe our Honey Mango Mead! We take delicious Greenbriar honey that’s bursting with flavor and combine it with mangos to create a tasting experience that you’ve never before enjoyed! Honey harvested from the banks of the Little Pigeon River make this adult beverage a true taste of the Smoky Mountains! You’ll be blown away by this incredible sweet flavor that’s both robust and smooth.

honey mango mead

4. Lemonade

You’ll find a little something extra when you have a nice glass of our Lemonade Hard Cider. As temperatures begin to rise, it’s only right you grab a familiar taste that screams fun in the Smokies! A perfectly balanced taste of both sweet and tart, make sure you drop by for an adult lemonade experience that you deserve this vacation! Our Lemonade Hard Cider makes a great treat for your next family picnic in the Smokies!

hard lemonade

5. Hard Tea

Tea lovers come on down! We’ve got the best spiked tea around! Our Hard Tea is our delicious sweet tea made with an extra jolt! This beverage features a smooth taste and that delicious tea flavor that makes this a favorite among customers at Tennessee Cider Company! Perfect for parties and other get-togethers, your closest friends and family will love an afternoon sipping on our hard tea.

hard tea

These hard ciders from Tennessee Cider Company are a must the next time you visit the Smoky Mountains in the spring! If you can’t make it to the Smokies this spring, no worries! Consider joining our Club to get beverages delivered right to your front door!

March 17, 2023

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