Fall cider flavors to enjoy

5 Ciders to Enjoy This Fall From Tennessee Cider Company

Fall means cooler temperatures, smaller crowds and an infusion of color in the Smoky Mountains! As the leaves change colors, our outdoor haven turns into a magical world filled with memorable adventures and plenty of love. You’ll need something refreshing to sip on as you relax and take in the views that make the Smoky Mountains so special. That’s where Tennessee Cider Company comes in! Here are 5 ciders to enjoy this fall from Tennessee Cider Company:

Pumpkin Pie Cider

1. Pumpkin Pie

It doesn’t get any more fall than pumpkin pie! We managed to squeeze that special holiday treat into a bottle in our Pumpkin Pie hard cider. This hard cider starts with some refreshing notes of pumpkin before finishing with a light spice and icing flavor sure to blow your mind! You’ll get that same warm, cozy feeling you got each time you went over to grandma and grandpa’s house for holidays as a child.  

2. Cider Donut

It can be a challenge to roll out of bed on a chilly fall morning in the Smokies. Not if you knew some tasty cinnamon sugar donuts would be waiting for you when you rise! Our Cider Donut hard cider is made from real cinnamon and the finest ingredients to make it taste just like one of those tasty cinnamon sugar donuts. The perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar make for a drink that’s soon to be your newest guilty pleasure!

Cider Donut Cider

3. Golden Apple

Our Golden Apple hard cider is our best-seller and for good reason: it’s essentially apple juice for grown ups! We take the finest local apples we can find to make a hard cider that is refreshing, crisp and tart. You’ll be left wondering how we get it to taste so good! Fresh golden apples and all-day drinkability make this the perfect hard cider to share with friends and family on any occasion.

4. Hard Coffee

Nothing says a busy fall day is ahead quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee early in the morning! Our Hard Coffee cider is a semi-sweet blend of hard apple cider combined with cold brew coffee. This cider is made from pure mountain water and 100% Arabica coffee roasted by The Golden Roast in Knoxville. Hard Coffee starts with a special sweetness before closing with a slightly bold and robust finish. Use Hard Coffee to make one of your favorite coffee cocktails such as an espresso martini.

5. Dry Red Apple

A blend of tart and crisp red apples ensure you get the best of both worlds in our Dry Red Apple hard cider! The result is a cider that isn’t too sweet and has just a bit of tartness. We use only the finest hand-picked apples to make a delicious drink that features a dry finish. This cider tastes like that first bite from a crisp, juicy, delicious red apple with each sip.

Elevate your fall experience in the Smoky Mountains by trying these tasty hard ciders from Tennessee Cider Company! There’s plenty to love about Tennessee Cider Company! We hope to see you soon!

September 28, 2023

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