Ciders to enjoy this summer

5 Ciders to Enjoy This Summer From Tennessee Cider Company

One of the best parts of vacation is taking a load off your feet, kicking back and enjoying some Smoky Mountain sips while relaxing with family! You deserve some much-needed rest and relaxation, and there’s no better time or place for it than summer in the Smoky Mountains. Our hard ciders are the perfect refreshing treat for a hot day in the Smokies and are sure to put a smile on your face! Here are 5 ciders to enjoy this summer from Tennessee Cider Company:

1. Lemonade

Lemonade has long been a go-to refreshing drink during the dog days of summer in the Smoky Mountains! Our Lemonade Hard Cider provides that familiar refreshing taste that reminds you of childhood with a little extra kick! This selection from Tennessee Cider Company is both sweet and tart, giving you a great flavor that’s perfect to enjoy when the temperatures rise and the sun comes out in the Smoky Mountains. Lemonade Hard Cider has the perfect lemon twist to that traditional apple cider taste you’ve come to know and love.

Lemonade Hard Cider

2. Peach

You can taste the Southern hospitality and charm of our Peach Hard Cider! Featuring the dynamic flavor of a tree ripened peach, this hard cider is the perfect choice to sip on during the summer. Our Peach Hard Cider is light and subtle like a peach should be! This drink starts off slow and gentle with the tastes of peach intensifying throughout the entire tasting experience.

peach Hard Cider

3. Hibiscus

Summertime in the Smoky Mountains means the emergence of incredible wildflowers! So, we’ve crafted a delicious hard cider from the hibiscus flower at Tennessee Cider Company! Our Hibiscus Hard Cider is both light and floral giving it an all-day drinkability. This drink from Tennessee Cider Company is similar to a moscato with a brilliant refreshing finish! It’s perfect for folks who aren’t big fans of super sweet or tart flavors.

Hibiscus Hard Cider

4. Hard Tea

We love our tea here in the Smokies! Any summer cookout or picnic you’ve been to in the Smokies probably has had tea on hand, and for good reason. If you love tea as much as us, you’re going to love this drink! Our Hard Tea is a spiked tea that is smoother than anything you’ve tried before! Put our Hard Tea in the refrigerator before serving it chilled for the best tasting experience. The perfect combination of sweet tea and a smooth taste make this drink one you can’t get enough of! 

Hard Tea Cider

5. Citrus Mash

Do you love citrus flavors? Well, you’re in luck with our Citrus Mash Hard Cider! This hard cider is a blend of blood oranges, lemons and limes that make for a tangy citrus refreshing finish! Your summer will be made even better when this cool twist of citrus touches the tip of your tongue, keeping you cool and refreshed on even the hottest of days in the Smokies. This is one of the most unique flavors from Tennessee Cider Company.

Citrus Mash Hard Cider

Elevate your summer experience in the Smoky Mountains with these ciders from Tennessee Cider Company! Explore all of our hard ciders to find one that best suits your taste palette! 

June 20, 2023

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