Cider Donut at Tennessee Cider Company

5 Choices From Tennessee Cider Company That Make the Perfect Dessert

Tennessee Cider Company is an attraction you can’t miss the next time you visit the Smoky Mountains! Founded here in Gatlinburg, Tennessee Cider Company is the original hard cider of the Smoky Mountains! You’ll find an incredible selection of locally made hard ciders full of flavors that keep you coming back for more. For folks with a sweet tooth, we offer hard ciders featuring sweet flavors that make them the perfect after-dinner treat! Here are 5 choices from Tennessee Cider Company that make the perfect dessert:

1. Chocolate Cherry

Our Chocolate Cherry Hard Cider is soon to be your new favorite from Tennessee Cider Company! This hard cider is made with sweet black cherries and just a touch of chocolate to make a taste that has the perfect balance of sweetness. This delicious cider starts smooth with notes of cherry before finishing as sweet as a bar of yummy milk chocolate. This popular hard cider tastes just like a chocolate dipped cherry! 

Chocolate Cherry

2. Cider Donut

The sips just keep on flowing from our Cider Donut Hard Cider! It turns out this hard cider is one that our guests keep coming back to time after time for its perfectly balanced sweet taste! This cider is made from real cinnamon with only the best ingredients, resulting in a flavor that tastes like a real cinnamon sugar donut. Who needs dessert when you have a bottle of Cider Donut Hard Cider?!

Cider donut

3. Apple Pie

Oh yeah! You read that correctly! Our Apple Pie Hard Cider has become a delicacy of sorts around these parts for its classic taste! This hard cider tastes and smells just like warm apple pie fresh out of momma’s oven! This nostalgic cider transports you back to simpler times with its fresh apple and crisp pie crust flavor. Pop open a bottle after dinner for that cozy apple pie taste you’ve come to know and love!

Apple Pie

4. Caramel Apple

Our Caramel Apple Hard Cider tastes just like one of those caramel covered apples you used to beg mom and dad for as a child! This cider is the perfect blend of fresh, sweet and crisp apples along with savory caramel flavors that make for a true Smoky Mountain delight! The hand churned caramel in this cider adds an additional layer of sweetness and helps to bring out those fresh flavors from the apples. Pour a couple glasses of Caramel Apple and take them out to your cabin rental’s hot tub following family dinner!

Caramel Apple

5. Blackberry Dessert Wine

We use Marion blackberries, sometimes referred to as the Cabernet of blackberries, to craft our Blackberry Dessert Wine! The flavors in the Blackberry Dessert Wine from Tennessee Cider Company are the perfect combination of both sweet and tart, making for a dessert wine that satisfies both your taste buds and sweet tooth! Featuring bold and robust flavors, this wine makes the perfect choice to enjoy on the deck of your cabin rental overlooking the Smoky Mountains!

Blackberry Dessert Wine

These selections from Tennessee Cider Company make the perfect post-dinner dessert for the family! If you love these wines as much as we do, consider joining The Club! Our wine and cider club ensures you get bottles delivered to your front door on 4 different occasions throughout the year!

May 18, 2023

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