ciders on shelf at Tennessee cider company in Gatlinburg Tennessee

3 of the Best Places to Enjoy Our Smoky Mountain Hard Ciders

You’ve tried the Tennessee moonshines and whiskeys, but none of those come close to the taste and feeling you’ll enjoy from the hard ciders from Tennessee Cider Company! A bottle of our hard cider is enjoyed best when surrounded by your closest family and friends! Our hard ciders are perfect for any time of the year. These ciders provide the perfect refreshing taste for a hot summer day in the Smokies while simultaneously being the boost of warmth you need to stay heated on a cold winter evening! Here are 3 of the best places to enjoy our Smoky Mountain hard ciders:

cider tasting at Tennessee cider company in Gatlinburg Tennessee

1. Our 2 Smoky Mountain Locations

We have not 1 but 2 great locations for you to enjoy our hard ciders! Our Gatlinburg location is right in the thick of things on the Gatlinburg Strip at 611 Parkway. This location is conveniently located near some of Gatlinburg’s finest attractions like Anakeesta! Tennessee Cider Company in Sevierville is in the Tanger Outlet Mall at 1645 Parkway. These 2 spots will satisfy all your cider cravings while putting you in close proximity to other activities and attractions you wish to explore on your trip to the Smoky Mountains! We offer free tastings daily so you can try before you buy!

2. Home Sweet Home

What good is a true taste of the Smoky Mountains if you can’t enjoy it at any time of the year, thousands of miles away from where it was created? Not only can you purchase hard ciders the next time you visit the Smokies, you can receive it any time of the year at your front door! In fact, members of The Club receive shipments 4 times a year. We’re thrilled to be able to ship our hard ciders directly to our loyal customers, so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home. These ciders are perfect to pull out for your next house party as your guests will be blown away by the taste!

3. Wears Valley Social Food Truck Park

It’s like a car show but for food trucks! Wears Valley Social Food Truck Park is an outdoor venue for families located in Sevierville and featuring numerous food trucks. Drop by to grab some incredible and unique food tastes from local chefs who use fresh, local ingredients! The drinks, however, that’s on you! Bring a bottle of your favorite hard cider from Tennessee Cider Company and wash down delicious meals while enjoying the great outdoors! You’ll find a play area that includes picnic tables and bistro barrels for seating, a cornhole pit, a music stage and incredible views of Cove Mountain.

March 10, 2023

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