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6 Apple Ciders to Enjoy From Tennessee Cider Company

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away! The good news for you is we know apples here at Tennessee Cider Company! The state of Tennessee is full of several varieties of this classic fruit that often feature both sweet and tart crisp flavors. We took those apples and created several different apple ciders full of flavor that will leave you feeling refreshed! The result is delicious hard ciders that feature flavors that you won’t find elsewhere! Here are 6 apple ciders to enjoy from Tennessee Cider Company:

1. Apple Pie

Grandma would meticulously prepare her famous apple pie for every special occasion! Aromas of cinnamon, buttery pie crust and cooked apples would fill the house when she took the pie out of the oven! Our Apple Pie Hard Cider tastes just like grandma’s finest apple pies! This cider combines that familiar crisp apple flavor with savory pie crust for a taste that reminds you of all these great family celebrations.

apple pie

2. Spiced Apple

Add a little spice to your life! Apple spice that is! Our Spiced Apple Hard Cider brings together that refreshing apple taste with the festive spices of fall! This Smoky Mountain cider is the perfect selection to share with family and friends at your next special fall celebration like Thanksgiving. The spices used in this cider help elevate the tasting experience to a whole new level!

spiced apple

3. Caramel Apple

Very few things would beat getting a giant caramel apple sucker as a kid! Our Caramel Apple Hard Cider brings together that crisp apple flavor with sweet hand-churned caramel in a cider that’s both light and sweet! The bite of apple hits before a sweet caramel finish that makes this one of the most beloved apple ciders from Tennessee Cider Company.

caramel apple

4. Golden Apple

Yes, we make apple juice for grown ups! Our Golden Apple Hard Cider is made from high-quality local apples to produce a refreshing taste that’s both crisp and tart! It’s like biting into a freshly picked apple but with a kick! The smoothness of Golden Apple makes it the most traditional top selling cider from Tennessee Cider Company.

golden apple

5. Red Apple

This hard cider is our most traditional flavor! Our Red Apple Hard Cider is crafted from tart and crisp red apples just hand-picked off the orchard and pressed into perfection! The taste is a perfect blend that isn’t too sweet nor too tart but rather just right. You’ll be blown away by just how light and crisp Red Apple is!

red apple

6. Green Apple

If you prefer your apples to be more tart, Green Apple is for you! Our Green Apple Hard Cider starts with a sweet taste and finishes nice and crisp, just like a Granny Smith apple! The slightly tart nature of this cider will take you back to the days of picking apples off of the tree in Grandpa’s yard. 

Green Apple

You can’t go wrong with any of these tasty apple ciders from Tennessee Cider Company! You can receive all of these ciders and more when you join The Club, our wine and cider club that sends quarterly shipments to your doorstep!

April 28, 2023

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